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Day 1.5 – we rescue the plant

June 22, 2010


The fence in the picture is from the porch and used to keep the dog at bay

June 19, 2010 – The Chris’s took the Saturday off because of the threat of rain, but it actually worked out to be a very nice day. So nice in fact, it was hard not to get outside and do some backbreaking work. The project at hand was the salvation of the Rhododendron that was from Colleen’s great- grandmother and was quite an institution in the yard. Not only has it given great shade from the summer sun, but it has always been nice to look out our dining room window and see the towering mass of green. It has been home to birds throughout the year, and watching the birds has always been a treat for the kids.

I had read that Rhododendrons had shallow roots, and it wasn’t long before I found them. The hole dug was about two feet deep by roughly five or six feet in both directions.

A huge pile of dirt resulted, and dirt is just one of those things that isn’t in short supply in our yard, especially not now.


Adding to the oddities and puzzlement of owning an old home was the mysterious pipe (see photo at right).

The pipe ran parallel to the porch at a depth of about one foot. There is a similar looking pipe caped off in our basement where it entered just a few feet from here. We don’t know what it is, but it’s too small to be anything but an old water pipe. My initial thoughts were that it could be a clue to the lost and forgotten cesspool or septic system that the city says we have buried somewhere, but no luck.

The Rhododendron is way too large to move by hand, so we wait for the crew to show back up with their equipment to move it the following week.

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