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Day 2 – Collapse!

June 22, 2010

June 21, 2010 – The master plan was to cut out a section of the middle of our wraparound porch and “insert” the house addition between the two remaining sections. The porches would essentially die into the house at those points, leaving us with cute front porch and nice back porch off of the master bedroom.

The porch was cut away as planned and supported on temporary beams. As the workers set about to move the Rhododendron, the porch roof gave way. In an instant, the roof was down. Luckily no one was hurt. This roof section is a total loss and affects our plans due to doubts about how well the rest of the porch is constructed.

At left- view from our dining room window

At right -view from our still standing front porch

Looking at our porch from the backyard

Removing the fallen porch

Why did it fall? Hard to know, but possible reasons which contributed to it include

  1. Lack of support in deconstruction. (Sorry, can’t rule that out.)
  2. Lack of sufficient attachment of the porch roof to the house to begin with
  3. Rotting of supports.

See the horizontal support beam "resting" on the wood siding with nails that attach to nothing? This is a picture of the front porch which is currently still standing.

Condition of where the supports were

The porch support beams were massive solid wood posts. But they often are not supported similarly below, or  lack in having equivalent beefy support above.

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