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Day one – the start

June 22, 2010

They’ve arrived! Chris and Chris (yes, both workers are named Chris) arrived the afternoon we signed the final papers for the remodel. They began to stage all the equipment and started to ready the work site. On day one, a truck (and port-a-potty) arrived and made their semi-permanent homes on the lawn.


The truck and tarp which saw most of the debris from our home.

They also began taking out plants and generally removing the parts of the porch floor that needed to go.

The porch floor is removed to reveal the essence of our yard: dirt. Note the EXCELLENT supports left?

Gone is the green leafy plant life - taken just before they cut into the porch

Also, they began taking our existing dormer window apart to find where the new posts were going to attach.

Dormer window

We’ve never found anything really super cool when doing work on our house, but this find was kind of interesting: an old doorway. Its the light colored slabs to the left of the dining room window (see photo below, right). Apparently, this doorway next to our window led out to the side of the house. When it was used, or why it was removed, forever shall be a mystery. But as the saying goes – the more things change, the more things stay the same – we will be putting a doorway in nearly the exact same spot.

Side view of the porch with doorway visible

Two other interesting things in the picture (at right).

  1. The slab of plywood on the far left side of the wall, behind the blue post, is what’s left of our stairway landing window. It had to go because its placement in the new addition put it roughly in the shower. We’re a close family, but not that close…
  2. The wall you see here has no support. Really. You would expect to find 2×4 construction behind this wall and between our interior lath and plaster, but there is none. Our interior lath attaches directly to this wall. Not until you make your way to the far right in this picture, just before the window, do 2x4s begin. What holds this wall up? We aren’t really sure.

Below, you can see the view of the interior of our “missing” window. We’ve thought about what to place here – mirror, aquarium, light-up picture – just not too sure yet. This corner is a lot darker without the window.


If you look closely in the  picture, just above the railing, around the second post in the stairway is a nearly vertical slit. This slit runs for about a foot or so and it is where Chris put a saw blade into the wall in anticipation of there being a bit more depth than there actually was. Whoops. We’ve plastered it up best we can, but there’s still so much shaking and movement that the plaster and lath on the whole wall have started to separate. We’ll probably have to replace a good section of this wall.

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