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Day Zero – Before it all began

June 22, 2010


No trucks! No construction debris!

Before a beginning, there must be something, right? Well, in our case, before the shingles, siding, boards, railings and 116 years of dust came down, there was our humble house. A house means many things, and to us, it means a place that we have tried to restore, improve and protect for our family. We have grown quite fond of it which is why destruction, which is perhaps inherent in the remodel process, is well, a bittersweet thing to behold. Excitement for what is to become, horror at what has to take place.

You feel a little guilty, really. I mean this house has stood for more than a century with dozens and dozens of owners (yes, we’ve looked – most were quite un-notable). For the most part, the house has remained intact. Improvements happened gradually – indoor plumbing, electricity, a kitchen, bedroom, basement – all things we take for granted now.

And since we aren’t rich, we’re doing some of the work ourselves. Removal of the house’s concrete fiber (read: asbestos) singles was one way to do that . While no pictures exist of the love and labor involved, the after results are impressive. Rest assured you DEQ-types, there was much plastic sheeting, misting, personal protection and containment of all the fibrous nasties.

long porch shot

Porch after asbestos siding removal, revealing the clap board siding under the house wrap


Some of the preparation and pre-work for removal of the shingles - notice our potential future color palette

And, of course, we disposed of all said concrete fiber shingle stuff in the correct manner: double bagged in six mil plastic bags. And where do you get 6 mil bags you may ask? Well, certainly not at Home Depot. The masks and suits are readily found if you drive around for a while to several stores, taking all day to do so. Or, you can just do some pre-reading online and save yourself some of the hassle. We can tell you what we got should you really want to know.

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