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Day eight – Pause, reflect and move on

June 29, 2010

June 28, 2010 – We spent most of the weekend trying not to think of the impending decision we had to make. So instead of dwelling on what perhaps seemed to be a no-win situation, we took the younger set of children and went to pick strawberries. As I was crouching there in morning sun on Sauvie Island picking organic strawberries, it occurred to me that I had never been strawberry picking before. I had picked blueberries, raspberries, cherries and peas before, but only because they grew in my parent’s yard, and…well…they were tasty.

I said we spent part of the weekend not thinking about the impending work, but that doesn’t mean we didn’t do anything about it.

Basement half empty...

As part of the pouring of the new auxiliary foundation which flanks the existing foundation, the existing foundation wall need to be braced to withstand the possible hydrostatic pressure of the new wall as it cured. Problem is, the existing basement wall is framed, insulated, sheetrocked, painted and wired. Bracing of this wall requires the removal of a great deal of what we have done to our basement to make it livable.

...or half full?

The basement is sort of the family room of the house, with all the kids’ toys as well as your typical family room furniture. All of this stuff would need to be moved. The kids were heartbroken that their Lego cities would need to be taken down.

After Legos were packed away Sunday afternoon, the moving and cleaning of all the basement stuff started and lasted through the evening. By the kids bedtime, all the basement furniture and toys had been cleared off one wall and stacked on the other, leaving the wall that would need to come down free and clear.

I think we found enough Legos found stashed underneath furniture to build the new basement wall ourselves.

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