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Day nine – Try again

June 29, 2010

Demetri packing Legos

June 28, 2010 – After talking with the builder who had been out of town, we discovered that the WHOLE basement area needed to be cleared. The pile o’ stuff on the opposite wall just wasn’t going to work.


In bracing the wall, they would literally need to brace from one side of the basement to the other, meaning that any belongings would need to be cleared out so that beams could stretch all the way across. Where to put a whole basement area of toys and furniture? We were about to find out!

Basil enjoying the basement Ikea furniture that is temporarily homeless

Another thing we discovered is that despite being over to our home and touring the basement, he didn’t recall that the basement walls were already framed. As such, he didn’t include charges for the demolition of the existing framing into the estimate he gave us. As the budget was tight already, we were going to have to absorb this and do the work ourselves.

I cannot begin to describe the thoughts that come to mind when contemplating wrecking what took us months to accomplish in the basement. Completing this space was huge project for us and really made our 1100 square foot house more livable, sort of adding a pressure-release valve for the kids and their toys. Framing, insulation, sheetrock – all that was work that involved multiple members our family and extended family, and was comprised of hour-upon-hour of work in the evenings and weekends. Doing demolition work anywhere is tiring, but this one is also a bit painful for what it represents.

Having now cleaned out 99 percent of the basement, we meet with the builder tomorrow to find out specifically what parts of which walls in the basement we get to wreck. Stay tuned.

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