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Day 19 – Forms take shape

July 9, 2010

July 8, 2010 – Gotta love fast setting concrete. The footings poured yesterday cured enough for the forms to be removed, so the workers today removed the forms and set about building a new set of forms for the wall.

You can see in the top center to right side of the picture some rebar. .

The cement walls rise a few feet up – in the case of our basement wall, like eight feet up –  to the the tie-in will be with the wood framing. This all may sound very elementary to some of you, but when you have a freakin’ old house, this stuff is ultra-modern building techniques. (Yes, nowadays the house actually gets ATTACHED to the foundation walls – how novel!)

The cement wall on the basement side will rise up, and it seems, cover one of the two (10×10″) wood beams that rest horizontally between the house and the basement wall. Once the new wall is poured, we know they will be bracing our existing basement wall against the hydrostatic pressure of the curing cement. I guess the cement exerts some considerable force as it cures and does all that stuff it does (look up ‘hydrostatic pressure’ on Wikipedia some time for a nice heady read). But what has us wondering is if the new cement wall covers one of our beams will cause the beam to shift? I think the cement wall is being braced, not the beams, but it’s a question for us to ask the builder most definitely!

So, next steps? Framing up the forms on the outside (Friday), bracing the interior wall (Friday or Saturday) and depending on when the city comes out to inspect the forms,pouring of the walls will occur most likely early next week. Thanks for reading!

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  1. Aunt Ann permalink

    My gosh!! What a challenge and so much work involved. It sounds like the workers are dedicated to getting the work done quickly for you. I’m sorry it all is during the hot spell you’re going through. In fact, I think Portland has been about the same temperature as we have been having. BUT, we can turn on airconditioning when we want to. We have tried to keep it off most of the time because we don’t know what the bill will be. Good luck and I hope you don’t have any more unexpected bad surprises!

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