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Day 21 – Siding decisions

July 11, 2010

July 10, 2010 – As we don’t even have a built structure yet, we don’t have to decide on siding tomorrow or anything (except for the fact that the builder needs to order it). But in taking off the two layers of siding on our house already, we see that the house originally – at some point – had a shingle style on the top portion of the house, and a board-type siding on the bottom half. This is a style that either never went away, or has come back into style lately as it’s on a lot of never homes. Yes, we are new housing development junkies…

Just by default, we had specified in the plans the Hardiplank board-type siding for the whole addition. And on the portions of the house that are adjoining the new addition, we are removing the asbestos shingles to continue the Hardiplank across so it looks normal.

Sample house with the varied shingle style

And yes, to save costs, WE are the ones putting it all up. Another learning moment!

But I’ve had the thought lately that we should go back to the original design and use a mixture of the shingle and plank siding. The peak of the house would be shingle, and the body of the house would be regular siding. Both are a Hardiplank product.

Just an odd thought: The asbestos shingles come off in a very careful way because they are asbestos and cause nasty stuff in your lungs, cancer and death. That’s well known, and I don’t argue that they should come off. Our shingles are also known as a concrete-fiber shingle because of the mixture of asbestos with concrete. But the new siding we would put up is just another concrete fiber shingle – only this time, the fiber is silica (crystalline silica (35-45%), calcium silicate (50-60%). The danger in working with silica is breathing in the dust from cutting it, which can lead to silicosis, a potentially disabling lung disease, which can progress to lung cancer. Safer than asbestos? Maybe? But as we as a society move to be more aware/sensitive about hazardous or potentially hazardous materials, how much longer is it until silica is the naughty substance as asbestos is now? Will be taking THAT stuff down in 30 years too?

Enough of the deep thoughts. Here’s some picture updates on where the project is today/yesterday.

Pour cement here.

A cage of rebar now, a wall next week

X-Marks the spot - for the posts, that is

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