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Day 25 – Ready for framing

July 15, 2010

Street side of the addition

View from the finished wall towards the house

July 14, 2010 – It’s kind of like getting braces off, really. Today, the forms that have been part of our ever evolving construction project for what seems like ages, are gone. What’s revealed is gleaming, solid concrete. Okay, so it isn’t really gleaming – more like dull…and gray…but it’s a great sign of progress. It’s still kind of weird, like it’s not really happening (the project, I mean) but having something solid, like concrete, is just more real.

Home Depot's lumber yard on our parking strip

Speaking of being real, we got a load of construction materials dropped off in front of our house today. 2x6s, 2x8s, joists, adhesive of some kind or another, tar paper, plastic piping and lots and lots of nails. And what do you know, it’s from the Home Depot! So it really IS where the pros go….

Funny –  people driving by on the street now go SLOW in front of the house now that the materials are staged there. It’s like they’re shopping or something, or finally making sense of the outhouse that’s been out there for weeks. Ahh…so that’s what it’s for…

We did notice one glitch that we hope gets corrected. When the concrete was poured, a bubble must have been beneath one of the vents, so there’s a nice rodent-sized hole left over. Simple patch job, I’m sure.

Little gap under vent

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