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Day 45 – Making the basement whole

August 4, 2010

August 3, 2010 – It’s August already? With nothing happening on the topside and still much work being done to rectify the points outlined in the last post, we turned our efforts to gaining back some of our living space. If faithful readers recall, our basement was cleared out and two holes made in the drywall to reinforce the concrete walls against the force of the new foundation poured outside. (Read about that on day 14, here). All went well with the pouring of the concrete – no cracked basement walls or anything, thank goodness – but it’s been REALLY cramped upstairs with all the furniture and toys displaced from the basement.

So it is a priority to move back in. The first task is taking out the wood left by the workers, then replacing the wall studs that we had to cut out. Instead of replacing both walls with more sheetrock, we opted to try something different. On one wall, we plan on putting in a built-in shelf between the studs that we will build ourselves. The other wall, below our game cabinet, we will sheetrock. And since we will be sheetrocking the whole new addition as well, this will be a good refresher.

More on the built in shelves to come.

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