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Day 55.1567

August 13, 2010

10:00am- I made it to round two, but  I am still waiting. Lucky me, I get to wait at a desk now; I feel like I work here. So I got called back by someone who I thought was an engineer, because the first lady told me that is who I needed to see. But, once we got back to the desk, this person looks at the plans and says, “well, this is too complicated, looks like we need an engineer to look at this.” Really? you’d think they would have put that on my little slip of paper so that could have happened from the get go. Oh well, Portland the city that works… at running around in circles!! Anyways, I have been left alone at some back cubicle with the plans laid out in front of me and I wait for the engineer. The engineer will come and look it over, hopefully approve it, and then I get to wait for the lady to come back to “issue” the approval.

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