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Day 55.165

August 13, 2010

10:11am – The engineer has come and approved the plans, he said that our engineer that did our plans is very thorough so he didn’t expect any problems. Yeah!

I wait now for the lady to come back and “issue” approval. I like my waiting location now. I am sitting still alone in the same back cubicle -window seat cubicle with a view of  trees, and greenery; it is a corridor between two buildings. Also, the chair is comfy, and it swivels, who doesn’t love to swivel in an office chair while you wait?

I can overhear an approval not going so well, sounds like this other persons engineer was not so thorough, and apparently  this guy said the engineer took forever getting him the plans. Lucky for him though he is getting his permit today, but has to come back with some revisions. Hearing the issues with the other guys plans makes me realize I need to be thankful that at least our engineer is well known, and well known in a good way. I think we can rest assured that our house won’t fall down because it has been engineered properly. 🙂

View from the cubicle

The cubicle

And I continue to wait to be issued the approval…..

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