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Day 65 – Gain some windows, lose some glass

August 24, 2010

Window openings on the first floor

August 23, 2010 – Work resumed on the addition Monday. Some of the biggest, visible changes are the window and door openings on the first floor being cut out. It’s nice to be able to walk into the space and see roughly the amount of light we’ll have when it’s all said and done. Is the window area too small? I personally don’t think so, as in our current bedroom I think we almost have too much natural light at times (like at 6:00 in the morning!) The upstairs space is still open to the sky, and it’s uncertain what’s been done up there today, if anything.

Box o'glass

And while we did gain cutouts of our bedroom windows, we lost a pane of glass in our family room window. An unfortunate accident by one of the workers perhaps, but it is sad just for the fact that it’s really old glass in the 1894 windows of our house. This is the same window that survived the collapse of our porch while the workers were doing deconstruction. New glass doesn’t have the character (some might say imperfections) of old glass, but really, I think the way that light comes through an older pane of glass is one of the most charming aspects of an old house. By the way, you never recoup the investment you make in replacing original solid wood windows with vinyl replacement windows. Check out this article by the Portland, Oregon Architectural Heritage Society on the value of old windows, and this one about failed vinyl windows.

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  1. Doug Klotz permalink

    Here in Portland, OR, there are salvage places that sometimes have old, single-light windows. Often the salvage places don’t even keep them because people want the multi-light windows for their craft projects. So, if they have these in your town, you might find an old sash with old glass in it, and take out the glass and have it cut to fit your window. Yes there are places that advertise in Old House Journal for antique style glass, but those are too old a style. Salvage from your town is better if you can do it.

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