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Day 72 – We got a pony

August 30, 2010

A view up at old/new in the stairwell

August 30, 2010 – More progress on the framing with work done on the addition/house match-up as well as significant work on the stairwell and landing area.

The stairwell is perhaps the most visible and changed thing now, with a significantly higher ceiling in the stairway. This will be nice when we need to carry the sheets of drywall upstairs when we start doing the walls in the bedrooms!

Also, the top step has changed. We had been told that the top step was to extend back, with a step-up needed to go into either the old bedrooms or the new. In this scenario the hallway floor would not have been even. But I guess due to some discoveries in the framing, there was the ability to continue the last step over and have the floor stay even, with no step up/down needed. This is by far a better solution.

Pony wall

We also got a pony – a pony wall, that is. This stubby wall exists to simply prevent one from falling down the stairs quite so easily or accidentally. Previously, with the low ceiling height in the stairway you would always have something to catch yourself on and control your descent (aka – hitting your head on the low ceiling, thus slowing you down). With the ceiling vaulting up, there’s not much to grab onto. I’m not sure about the pony wall yet.

With work rapidly nearing the end point inside, we’ve been struggling with deciding on the outside shingles/siding. True to form, our house would have a shingled top half, based on what we’ve found peeling off the outside layers. But the new addition throws on some new angles/planes, so it’s not a simple matter. Then, the colors! Ack!

And did I mention we have windows?

Jeld-Wen WOOD windows

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