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Day 77 – Por favor, no orinar en el jardín

September 4, 2010

September 4, 2010 – Whew! It’s been a few days since the last post, and those have been busy days. Actions from this week:

Old mailbox and house number placement

House from street

House from street

Removed asbestos siding off the front porch, front second-story peak and side of our house: This was a ton of work (or approximately 1000 kilograms, if you’re metric) . One of those things you don’t wish on your worst enemy. We suited up in head-to-toe protective gear and removed what amounts to 1/2 of the asbestos shingles on our house. Carefully using a hammer and crowbar, we gently ushered those toxic pieces of a bygone era to their next and final resting home within 6 mil plastic bags (more like 12-15 mil when you consider most are double bagged). What’s left? Well, aside from dozens and dozens of shingle bags, we are left with a nice glimpse at what our house looked like some 60-70 years ago, assuming the asbestos was put up in the middle of the last century. We can see where the old trim used to be (much larger than today), what windows used to be bigger (judging by the lack of siding in some places) and even where the mailbox and house numbers were – like Gondwanaland, these have been moving apart slowly each decade. We still have yet to really come to any decisions on siding color, although we know what we will be placing up there.

Workers finished the inside to make sure our sheetrock would have someplace to land: This was fairly straightforward – basically furring out the walls so that the studs would be supporting the sheetrock in a logical way. Some of the peaks upstairs are going to make for some interesting angles, but all-in-all, it looks okay. We have one area outside the boys bedroom where it looks like the sheetrock would need to die into some door trim – we’ll need to resolve that.

New window

Workers installed windows: We have windows on the first floor! One of the window frames appears to be bowing due to the shims- so we’ll have to ask about that later.  The windows themselves are a bit cheap looking when you compare them to an old wood window. Nice to have windows though. Will need to have the gaps filled around the windows, but this is probably something that will come after the siding goes up.

The roof is – up? The roof has been a work in progress over the past week. It was supposed to have started on a number of occasions, but those times came and went. Finally work started on Friday at 12:00, but after seven hours of work, the roofing crew only finished less than half of the roof. For reference, the past two times we had our whole roof redone, the crews finished in two days. Not to mention that prior to leaving, one of the roofers climbed off the roof, took a look around, then walked over to our bushes and relived himself. This is unacceptable on any occasion, but even more considering there is a port-a-potty sitting on the curb which is ideally suited for this purpose. Today the roofers showed up again, worked for an hour, left for two hours, then came up to retrieve a car they left behind and then were gone for the day. After a phone call to our builder, we’ve had a few visits from people surveying the work but no work actually done. We’ll see where this goes. We hope it goes somewhere soon as there is a possibility of rain soon.

It's STAIRing at you...

Stairs: The builder and his crew rebuilt the stairs to our basement.I wish I had some before pictures, but the difference is huge. Our stairs before were a very short tread, and fairly steep. Noisy too. Now, they virtually silent and like stairs are supposed to be. Nice.

What’s left? The house needs to be wrapped, remainder of windows installed, trim delivered, miscellaneous wood put up and a final walk through of affected areas. Then, our work begins with putting up trim and siding.


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