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Day 167 – Status update

December 6, 2010

December 6, 2010 – It’s been awhile since we last posted, so I thought it would be useful to check in and let ya’ll know how the remodel process is going.

  • Still putting up shingles – Yes, still. My goodness – these little buggers are complicated with all the angles on our gables! We saw a “pro” crew putting up the hardiplank lap siding the other day and it looked so much easier than the 48″ singles we have to deal with! Still, they were professionals (or at the very least, employed) and the days of our little shingles are hopefully coming to an end as we get to completing our last dormer peak. We have nearly run our of these shingles and need to budget for more so we can finish our other gable. (Hint: Craigslist is your friend for surplus building materials!)
  • Cut the lap siding – Speaking of the hardiplank lap siding, we have got all but ten boards ripped and stored in our dry basement. The boards were 12′ x 12″, and we ripped them in half to 12′ x 6″ to accommodate the reveal we are after. It was cheaper to buy a 10″ hardi blade and borrow a table saw and rip them ourselves than it was to pay the 30% restocking fee to get the correct size. Oh…and we broke the saw in the process, or at least we think we did. The jury is still out, but ten boards from the finish the thing started making odd noises. When we shut off the saw to check for any safety problems, it wouldn’t start. We waited awhile, cleaned it well, then restarted a few days later and it was sparking. Not a good sign, but hardiplank is flame resistant, right? Needless to say, we are waiting a clean bill of health on the saw before moving on.
  • Moved the lap siding – Apparently, just like Gremlins, you aren’t supposed to get hardiplank wet. It had been sitting in the street ever since the summer, but when the stack of boards started to act like a dam when the leaves fell and “lake Villard” formed in front of our house when it rained, we took it as a sign. After ripping the boards, we took the soaked things and stacked them up in the basement to dry. And since we already cleared out the basement months earlier, there was plenty of space. Still, it’s odd to be storing the outside of your house on the inside.
  • Estimates – We are collecting estimates on the remainder of our interior work – plumbing and HVAC. It’s a fun process, and it’s interesting to see how various people solve the same problem (namely how to deliver heat/water to our addition and take waste away from it). We just don’t have the funds to tackle it all, but hopefully should my company grace me with a bonus, we may get some of it done. It’s just REALLY REALLY cold with no insulation, and we can’t insulate until final sign-off from the city, and we need to have all the utilities in before that happens.
  • Doors – It’s cold. We are working on interior/exterior doors to help seal off the unfinished part of the house. We want to stay with the period of the house, rather than go with the generic $48 hollow-core door from Home Depot. Instead, it’s the $48 possibly-lead-painted door from local house thrift shops. It would be great to reuse some of the interior doors we have already, but we will not be able to move the doors until we are completed with previous portions.

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