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Day 183 – Again the addition waits, but solar moves ahead

December 22, 2010

December 22, 2010 – We’ve heard from five out of the six contractors we solicited estimates from on the plumbing and heating, but it looks like we are going to move slowly on acting on them. We know with whom we want to work with on the heating, but the star plumber that was recommended by our builder has seemingly fallen off the face of the earth and never gotten back to us (BTW – it took three calls over several weeks to get him to even come out, so that should have been our sign right there.) I got to say, the whole process of remodeling and having at times no idea how financially or physically things will get done really makes you realize the importance of faith and trusting in God to help things get resolved.

Our solar site evaluation was today, and the crew from SolarCity was out to crawl all over our house and figure out the best placement of our solar array. The inverter placement and running of wires and conduit is all clear, but the support in our existing roof is not. The southern exposure of our main roof is the ideal spot for the panels, and the crew today mentioned that it’s about an 88 on the scale of 100 for productivity. In his words, “it will just crank” when the sun is shining. But as this part of our house is original, the rafters in the roof are about 32″ inches apart. It’s really solid good wood, but chances are that we will have to do some work to beef up the roof joists. “Sistering” of the joists was mentioned, possibly coming up and in from the outside, but we’ll know in the next few weeks exactly what we need to do, and then plan how to do it. Hopefully it’s something we can do ourselves!

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