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Day 215 – Adding trim, missing trim

January 23, 2011

January 23, 2011 – With it not snowing, hailing, raining or otherwise being miserable (aside from being cold) we ventured out to continue putting up trim around the windows. Window trim is simple – just a 5.5″ strip below, above and on both sides of the window. But it also involves filling in all the nail holes leftover from the finishing nails (no nail gun used – that would be too easy) then addition of the decorative trim followed by the metal rain flashing. I’d show you a finished picture of that, but we don’t have a window that we’ve gotten that far on. The decorative trim is left to be done on most of the “completed” windows as it’s just not as essential as other things, like the other windows that have zero trim. Oh, and primer (paint) is the last step. This is also weather dependent.

"The wood pile"

Like the siding, the raw boards for the trim are monstrously long. But unlike the trim, we didn’t have the foresight to tuck them inside to keep them clean and dry. Instead, we kept them under our holly tree at one edge of the yard. This location was chosen because as the builder had just left most of these boards in the street (which was tacky) the side of our yard was less visible and better suited for board storage (less tacky). Out of the way, what could be better?

Looking down one dirty piece of wood...

I discovered the downside today. Having been stored there for a few months, the boards had become coated with mud, tree droppings, bird droppings and a multitude of things in between. Also, they were wet, and when we moved them to this “prime” spot previously, we didn’t make sure they were all kept flat, resulting in some having a slight bend. The bend I was able to accommodate with nails and selective cutting, and the mud washed off, but it was all just weighed on my mind as to a symptom of us working on this project as our time – and the weather – allowed, which lately hasn’t been often.

Oddly enough, I wasn’t able to tackle as much as I had hoped because we seem to have run out of materials. I was able to trim one window on the first floor of the north side, but I was only able to find enough wood to make two cuts for the second story window on the same side. We still have the remaining two pieces for this window to cut, plus three other windows and one door. What happened to all the wood?

There has been a slight amount of waste as there is in any project involving wood, and an even lesser amount was damaged beyond use upon arrival. I also goofed up on a few cuts, but I have taken that into account and plan on using them on other windows. But as to why were are this short, I just don’t know. Did our contractor short us materials? Did we misplace it? Was it stolen? We also seem to be short our metal rain flashing too. I remember us having a rather significant amount of this, but today there wasn’t even enough to flash a 56″ long window.

I’ll keep looking, but I guess we need to budget for another Home Depot trip – and move the wood pile, or better yet, just cut it and get it on the house.!

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