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Day 271 – Inching up the north wall

March 20, 2011

Row-by-row, 5 5/8 reveal by 5 5/8 reveal...

March 20, 2011 – This our 60th post on the RemodoBlog!

We’ve now made it more than 3/4 of the way up the north exterior wall of our addition with the Hardiplank. That puts us roughly in the middle of the second story window, and just about where the eaves start in with the pitch of the roof. It’s been quite a learning experience, but we’ve got it down now. I figure we’ve got about 10-12 rows left to do on this side. It’s going to get a bit tricky as the angle of the eaves will affect our cuts, but we learned a lot from doing the Hardishingles on the front (east) dormers, so I think we’re prepared.

The funny thing is we’ve been at this wall for about a week or so now. But from the street, you can’t really see this side of the house, so it looks like we’ve done nothing. But we have!

We’ve gone through nearly the whole case of caulking that our contractor left us, which we were told was to last for the ENTIRE addition. Following the instructions his workers left us (back caulk the outside edges, card the seams, exterior caulk the outside edges, don’t caulk the seams) we’ve been fairly good with it. We’ll need to put another case of the stuff on our shopping list fairly soon.

Speaking of shopping, we did a run to Home Depot the other night and picked up wood for the next stage of the north side – the eaves! We picked up some 4×8 sheets of finished plywood (Birch – yes way too nice, but still not as nice as what the house originally had); more wood for the window/door trim (again, something else our builder said he supplied us enough of, but didn’t); 2×4 for the under eaves support of the plywood exterior; and more galvanized metal flashing. Thank goodness our Toyota Sienna will perfectly fit sheets of 4×8 plywood – or sheetrock – flat on the floor (when you muscle all the seats out, that is.)

Another thing we tacked this weekend was moving the wood storage pile from the south side of yard. For the past few wet months, we’ve had a pallet stacked with 4×8 sheets of plywood for the shear bracing on the interior walls along with a 4×8 sheet of pressure treated plywood which we will rip to use as the furring strips when we side the front. The plywood went inside to dry, but wasn’t too wet as the pressure treated sheet on top of the plywood “sandwich” helped keep things reasonably dry.

Not modern art, but drying plywood in the first floor addition

It was a rather ugly pile, but when your yard already looks like trash from six months of work, it’s barely the worst thing. A lot of the trim we are saving is original – original to what, we aren’t sure –  but it’s NICE wood, and quite caked with layers and layers of paint. And amazingly the past few winter months has actually worked as mother nature’s paint stripper on some of these pieces, taking the paint right off down to nearly the bare wood. We relocated the large pieces we intend to reuse (some are 12+ feet in length) and are recycling the rest. In the pile we also found some of the missing galvanized metal flashing we thought we had lost or had stolen.

Because we’ve reached the eaves, we’ve stopped siding until we can get the eaves covered. As I mentioned, we have all the supplies, it’s just now doing the math to figure out size of the 2×4 furring strips, cutting all the materials to size, and getting it all hung. This is tippy top of the ladder kind of stuff now!

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