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Day 275 – Eaved, ho!

March 24, 2011

March 24, 2011 – Get it? “Eave ho” sorta like “heave ho?” Oh well, not much rhymes with eave to come up with a clever title with, so it sits.

Eaves with the strips up

But, we’re done with the eaves on the north side! Not bad for a day of pouring down rain. Eaves with the rafter tails are enclosed is a style on our house. In doing the eaves, first we measured off the eaves – depth, width and consistency of both. The reason for this that the eave boards – 1/2″ birch sanded plywood – have to be level with the edge of the roof trim. The roof trim is about 5″ or so deep, so when you subtract out the depth of the 2×4 rafter tails, you come up with a deficit. This means that we need to fur our the rafter tails to not only bring the plywood up the right height, but also help bridge the gap where the rafter tails aren’t, so they have something to nail to.This is something I wish our builder had accommodated for, but by not do so, he sort of did I guess.

The furring strips were cut from 2×4 lumber in a variety of lengths and then screwed up to the rafter tails with 3 1/2″ screws. We used screws here because our nailer only fires 2 3/8″ nails or so, and it’s really hard to drive nails by hand while two stories up on a ladder, working directly over your head. These strips were attached with great effort – it’s apparently really hard to drill in these close quarters too. I had to pull a few down because I missed one critical measurement.

Then, we cut the plywood. It was about 11″ wide on the left side, and about 11 1/4″ on the other (don’t ask me how they could be different sizes). We were able to use the nailer to get these boards up, with a little followup with a hammer.

We also got the rain flashing up over the 71″ upstairs window.

Next steps: Continue up the wall with siding.

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