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Day 286 – North side complete

April 4, 2011

A view of the north face

April 4, 2011 – We completed siding the north face of our addition today. Yeah!

It was quite a cool feeling putting up the final piece for the peak of the house. I think it was only a seven inch triangle – something small – but it fit perfectly. One of the few pieces that never needed to be leveled! Caulked and nailed, it’s all done. The house isn’t any warmer, quieter, more or less “green” – but it’s one less stack of siding in our basement, and one side closer to being done.

We started on this side April 5, so it took us roughly a month to do (that’s working the odd weekend and weekday evening, mind you).

There’s technically one little wedge of the north face left to do – it’s where the right-hand side of the addition makes an abrupt switch to a large shed dormer pitch. It really is just a little wedge, perhaps 10 boards at most. I started on the corner piece, but then stopped short of siding it as I needed to refresh myself on what Hardi says about spacing the boards away from the roof so they don’t catch the splash up. (Just looked here – turns out it’s one inch. That should work nicely).

It will be nice working on another side of the house. I enjoyed how the north side of the house never really got wet  – even in a downpour – but it was difficult to work with the ladder not being able to extend out a safe distance. The hedge we have with our neighbor only gave us five feet or so of width to work in, and prevented the ladder from being set at the proper pitch, which made for some white knuckle moments up at the highest rung. But we made it, with no falls!

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