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Day 302 – Siding on the front of the house; Roofing and flashing fun

April 20, 2011

It's spring and the siding has sprung!

April 20, 2011 – Well, we’ve been working on the front for a few days now, so this is a delayed post. But as the majority of the siding on the front of the house was applied in very wet, nasty weather, it was barely conducive to siding installation let alone photography. Wet weather is still very workable in, you just, well …get very wet.

Dry clothes are nice.

The wall is shaded from the majority of the yuckiness so the freshly applied siding doesn’t really get too wet at all, which would be a concern if it did.

For nearly all the siding we’ve done to date, we’ve been working on the new addition. This means that it’s largely an even plane with new materials, not that’s all perfect, but you know what you’re dealing with. Moving to the front of the house, as we cross from right to left with our work, we are crossing that “divide” between the new addition and the old.

The flashing on the old part of the house is proving to be a headache. As you know, the house is old, and up until recently had several layers of siding. Between successive reroofing over the years, each of these siding layers had its own flashing. Now with all that siding off, we are left with a row of legacy flashing.

Zoom on the trouble spot. Flashing hidden behind Tyvek

It’s all still very much doing what’s mean to do – keeping the water (rain) from entering the house, but without layers of siding behind it, the flashing sticks out and prevents the new siding from sitting close to the house. In our case, the flashing is setting the first row of siding at such an angle as it crosses above the porch roof we can’t realistically match the pitch as it comes to the left side.

How are we solving this? Well, we can nail back some of the old flashing so that resolves a lot of the issue. But we’re going to have to remove and reseat the flashing put up in the most recent reroof (its grey in the picture) and bend and reapply so it’s not a problem. We’ll also see if we can switch the color from grey to black.

So, a few rows left to go from completion on the front. Almost there.

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  1. Rachel D permalink

    I cannot believe how much you have done! It looks great!! Good strength to you!

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