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Day 308 – After winning the battle of the bulge, we headed up east…

April 26, 2011

April 26, 2011 – It’s been an interesting string of weather lately – hail, drizzle, downpours and beautiful, Spring weather. All that has allowed us the opportunity to make some progress on the front of the house. Christos Anesti!

As was illustrated in the last post, we had quite an issue with a bulge created by the multiple layers of flashing on the front of the house. Our contractor, who stopped by to talk to us about rebuilding the back porch that collapsed, suggested a couple of fixes for our flashing. We really, really did not want to pull off siding to make the fix, but after some thinking, we realized that going the extra mile would give us a better product.

First, I beefed up the flashing on the southern slope of the porch roof with some carding. Ripping up this flashing to insert more would have entailed us reroofing that entire section, so this was the next best solution that makes the existing flashing taller.

Next, I ripped out the existing grey house flashing strip. This strip ran directly on the roof where it met the house. It was about 10” by 3”, bent into a L shape. I replaced it with flashing of the same size and type, but black instead of grey, as it matches our roof shingles better (I don’t know what they were thinking when they installed it). Installing it, I was able to push it closer to the house by about 1-2 inches than the previous flashing, and thus elimate the previous bulge. That got nailed and sealed into place.

This is how we figured the angles...

We then set about to figure the angle of the boards for the southern slope of the porch roof. All-in-all, we’ve probably re-cut and nailed this section three times. This is tricky because it has to match the shingles on the opposite slope and look normal in the process. This process involved some math. It also involved a lot of patience and some creativity.

Nailing the boards of this section up, it was obvious that there was still, after all our work, going to be some bulge. It’s less than it would have been otherwise, but it will require some face nailing by hand to deal with.

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