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Day 321 – Above porch siding done (again) and more shingles

May 9, 2011
The front is done (well, almost sorta...)

May 9, 2011 – We completed the lap siding above the porch…again. We’ve done this siding at least three times already, and the sticky issue is getting the last row of lap siding on the left and right of the window to match up. It’s not hard, really, provided that…

  • everything you are building up from on the left and the right is even
  • ….and that the line you are building up to is the same height on both sides…
  • …and your spouse doesn’t change their mind after every time! (Really, I DO love your accuracy…)

More boards!Also, we obtained more of the shingled siding for the last dormer. Apparently, James Hardie discontinued our style of siding some months ago. They are still making the same cut as far as we can tell, but just a different pattern on the shingles – a faux cedar wood grain instead of verical grooves. (Okay – who REALLY thinks that the faux cedar wood grain on concrete fiber shingles looks real? I mean come on!) We found just enough of the old stuff at the local lumber store to finish it out. Man, this stuff is not cheap.

We hope to order doors and get rid of our asbestos shingles this week. We’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

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