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Day 324 – Moved the rhody – again

May 12, 2011

May 12 – We pulled a looooong afternoon and evening in a mad rush to move our Rhododendron  – again. We moved it last year when construction first began because it sat in the way of the addition. It had been adjusting well to its new location when we decided to rebuild the porch and bump it out a few feet. Digging the hole to place the plant it wasn’t hard, and even digging around the root ball of the plant wasn’t too hard (not too much fun either). But moving the plant? That was difficult. I lost count of the number times we rolled, pivoted, levered, tugged, twisted and rocked that plant until it was in it’s new home, approximately ten feet away.

The mad rush was due to having just a half day notice that the workers were coming the following day to begin porch reconstruction.

Why save the plant? Well, it was a favorite of my grandmother on my wife’s side (she said the birds planted it from a seed), the birds love the bush and we sorta do too!

In it's new home...

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