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Day 332 – Dig this

May 20, 2011

May 20, 2010 – Today we rented a Barreto trencher and began to dig the line for our new sewer (click for video). We actually rented one twice, because the first time we were talked out of a four wheel drive trecher and into the two wheel drive. What’s the difference? Huge! The work took a long time, but it was great to have the machine there to do most of it. It wasn’t without drama, as the arm of the Barreto refused to lift out of the trench when we were done, so the rental company had to come out and work on it to get it to raise. These things even come with their own trailers!

Really needed some caution tape to keep little people away from these holes…

The trench needs to be two feet wide and three feet deep, so I went back and dug the trench wider. Here’s some pictures of the process:

Branch line from the house before it was widened

Trench close-up


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