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Day 337 – Rough in of sewer line complete!

May 25, 2011

May 25, 2011 – We had the outside portion of the sewer line installed today. Faithful readers will recall that we had dug the outside of the line mostly by hand while we settled on fixture selection and placement for interior. It rain today…but I think the digging of the hole and trench was the harder part.

The new sewer line is ABS plastic which runs across in front of the house at a depth of approximately 36 inches with a slope of ½ and inch per foot. It mates up with our existing sewer line as it leaves the house. The existing line is a terra cotta/cement line that was in absolutely beautiful condition. I’m not just saying it was beautiful because of my fondness for toilets, but seriously, for being a sewer line and buried some eight feet deep, this thing was beautiful. It was a nice shiny glazed pipe, looking not anywhere near it’s 100+ years of life.

Sewer cut for insertion onf new line

The trickiest part of the whole job was probably the mating of the lines, as when cutting old terra cotta sewer lines breakage can sometimes occur. Fortunately, ours went very well, in fact the plumber was amazed at what great condition the pipe was and how easy it was to cut.

Cross section of the old line

We have our sewer inspection tomorrow, so the plumber left a eight foot riser sticking out of the trench with a hose sticking down. It’s filled with water, and so the inspector will simply took to ensure the line is holding without leakage. After we get sign off, we need to turn a valve near where it mates with the old line which will release the pressure (and the water) into the sewer. Then ,we can replace that valve with a cap and backfill to our hearts content.

So did digging the sewer line save us money? Sure did! But the blisters from the digging sure are painful! We got compliments on how nice the trenching was too…not that I want to take up a new career or anything, but good to know I’ve got a fallback.

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