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Day 352 – My new toy; Watching the grass grow

June 9, 2011

June 9, 2011 – My wife got me a new toy for my birthday. It’s a Craftsman Hammerhead Auto-hammer. They sell them at Sears. It’s got a 12-volt lithium-ion battery, and I gave it a whirl installing some of the the original trim back on the house. It does all the hammering for you!

The edge of the trim section

Let me step back a sec – by original trim, I mean the stuff we took off when we took all the asbestos and wood shingle siding off the house. It may not be THE original trim to the house, because up in our attic – which was built over an old section of  the house many, many years ago – there is a whole different trim, which I like. More about that in another post.

By saying trim, it’s perhaps not accurate as this is a solid old piece of wood that’s quite long. It was covered by decades and decades of paint, but we sorta left it outside exposed in the winter (whoops) which lifted all the old layers of paint but didn’t damage the wood. We just gave it a light sanding and a coat of primer.

Back to the hammer, it does a great job of driving nails – most nails, anyways. Some nails it just gives up on and doesn’t drive all the way, which is I guess why they included a pry bar in the box with the hammer. I used coated 2 1/2 inch nails, and it handled these moderately well.


Also, the grass we planted two weeks ago has started to come in. The spring weather has been great for grass growing (and for weeds – hence why no new siding has gone up recently!) Faithful readers will recall the mess this all was just one month ago when we dug up the front yard for our new sewer line.

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