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Before SketchUp there was cardboard…

June 11, 2011

June 11, 2011 – This is a shot of us in the throws of laying out our bathroom using models of our prospective fixtures made out of scrap cardboard. We have to plot out where everything goes so our plumber can get the pipes in the right spot (it helps, you know). I think we’re locked in on the shower (schluter kerdi pan) and toilet (anything that flushes).

The funny thing is that we have to pack up the toilet, shower and sink at night because in the morning, our toddler will come down and eat the bathroom fixtures. He’s more into cardboard than he is real porcelain. He eats books, napkins, paper….<sigh>

Maybe by the time this bathroom is done we can train him to actually USE the bathroom!

Our bathroom, in one dimension

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