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Day 366 – Go West, young(er) man

June 20, 2011

June 19, 2011 – Okay, so I’m still a sucker for that Michael W Smith song, but this past weekend we kicked off our move to the Westside (of our house, that is).

Awaiting a rear door for our porch, there is a limited amount of siding we can do, but we started with what which won’t interfere with the door placement, and ran that up as much as we could.

Siding with flashing

We also started on applying Tyvek to the backside house section that never got any originally. Technically north facing, this is the part of the main house that we removed the asbestos shingles off of so that when we ran the new siding it would all match. The original wood lap siding is still up and in decent shape.

Up until a few years ago, we never had a kitchen fan vent (have I mentioned our house was old?) so when we finally put one it we vented it out the north side of the kitchen. When installing it I emptied a whole tube of caulking on the exterior venting portion so it would watertight over the uneven asbestos shingles. Well, when the shingles had to come off last year, this fan vent hung on tight. It was slightly beaten in the process, but remained up, secure, but still persistently hanging on.

 As part of prepping the wall for Tvvek I removed the vent with much effort, cleaned it up and reused it. I’ve added rain flashing to it which  with the Tyvek and siding should form a nice seal.

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