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Day 415 – Final burial for the sewer

August 8, 2011

August 8, 2011 – We buried the last of the new sewer line this weekend. With final approval from the city last week, it was high time to get our yard back in shape. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had our yard without plywood covering a ditch of some sort, but all-in-all, our plumbing work has gone by quite fast. not that I’m feeling misty-eyed or anything, but it’s just another chapter in our house building saga!

The sewer line as it leaves the house. That riser in the middle is the cleanout.

The cleanout for the new sewer line ended up a bit further away from the foundation than we would have liked, but I guess we should be thankful it has one. Our “legacy” sewer line has no cleanout, such that we can find anyways, which is why we had to remove our toilet when it needed to be scoped in the location process.

Pipe as it goes under the foundation, into the crawlspace.

We planted grass over some of the newly reclaimed ground, and I hope this late into the summer it grows. It’s only been a few days, but my hope is that within two weeks we can green it up a bit. The rest we will barkdust, for now.

When you fix something major, like a car, you shouldn’t have parts left over. I feel the same goes for digging holes in the dirt – what goes out should equal what goes back in. We have a medium pile of dirt left over from all our trenching, and even after all the holes have been filled overflowing, there was still no home for it. I’m sure that perhaps it just hasn’t packed down enough, and that we might need it soon, perhaps after the dirt settles more in the fall (water=compaction). To clear this leftover dirt from the front yard, I moved it to the back to form the beginning of a border for our new patio (more on that later).

All done!

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  1. That is awesome looking! How did you get the underground picture? Rate that picture 5 stars!
    -from your son

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