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Day 424 – Siding goes up on the east side

August 17, 2011

August 17, 2011 – We’ve been at work on the final frontier – well, of siding anyways – the east side of the house. Now I should qualify that by saying we still have some work to do on the front, but we’ve already started that, so let’s just move on…

East side as viewed from the porch

When thinking of siding, it sort of helps to think like you’re sailing a ship which has to safely make it around landmarks. The east side has notable landmarks, such as our new rear porch, as well as three windows and a door. We have two of the windows yet to put trim around on the second story, but we have perhaps 10-12 rows of siding to climb before we get there.

We run out of supplies like caulking frequently, but other supplies like carding (it’s what goes behind the seams in the siding) and the siding itself have been somewhat plentiful. Until now, that is. We are working off our last “stack” of siding stored in our basement, and have just one or two cards left for the seams. Home Depot is just ridiculous when it comes to the cost for carding, so we won’t shopping there to replace our stock.

Siding will be a different matter, in that if our supply runs out, we’ll not only need to buy more, but it’s possible it won’t match. The James Hardie company did a style change mid year, and I’m not sure if they still stock out style. We’ll see very soon!


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