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Day 439 – Done with siding on eastern wall of addition

September 1, 2011

September 1, 2011

We completed siding the eastern wall of the addition last night, thus putting a wrap on lap siding for the new addition. Yea!

This wall had two delays, most notable being the delay for the rebuilding of our porch (which collapsed a year ago during deconstruction) and the delay for the porch door. With those two things in place, siding commenced, with a major push for completion in the past week or so. I’m glad we waited for the porch, because having it in place really made siding the upper sections of the wall really nice!

This was probably the most complex wall for the sheer number of windows, slope and obstructions but by far one of the easiest to do. (The front of the house was by far the most difficult – having to measure the rise and fall of the porch roof, and have siding line up on both sides was tricky.) Complex but easy? Does that mean we’re getting good at this?

Despite the obstructions, having long expanses where you can run the 12 foot boards really can help cover the wall, and lessen the need for unsightly seams. Speaking of seams, although the boards are up, we still need to go back and caulk the board ends and sink and fill nail holes on the window trim. Boards are back caulked on end runs against moisture penetration, but the top coat of caulking is the first defense against water intrusion.

With all three sides of the addition are now sided, and the only new addition segment left to side is the right-hand gable. The last little bit of lap siding will go on our kitchen wall once we get that wrapped in Tyvek, and little bit on the front to the right of the door. We have about 26 boards left, and in my estimate, we need about 50-60 more to adequately complete the kitchen wall.

Kitchen (that's 100+ year old siding there)

Right of front door


Our late summer weather has helped, but it’s getting closer and closer to the end our good painting weather. In addition, there are a bunch of odds-and-ends we need to tackle too, most notably the eaves which need to be covered. Also, the eaves of the old house are a little rough where they meet the addition, so those need to be repaired and sealed.

Next project? Cleanup on the eastern wall, then siding on the dormer.

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