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Day 448 – Workin’ on the punch list…

September 8, 2011

September 8, 2011 – In every big project, there’s just those little things that seem to fall by the wayside. Big things for us would include the siding, the trim, the porch, plumbing and so on. But on our project, we have some little carpentry tasks that need doing along the way. We call this the punch list of little projects.

One such little project got tackled today. Long ago and far away, when our porch got chopped out for the construction of our addition, we lost a bit of trim and eave board on the front of the house. Normally, this trim piece would be some 12 feet long and run down the Northern side of our old roof. Whether it fell off or got removed by hand, I can’t say, but it has been gone for a while. And it’s bugged me.

Fixing the missing eave board meant adding some filler in the overhang to not only support the missing 12×11 section, but also fill in the gap  – it’s a half-inch section of nice plywood, versus the remainder of the eaves which is 3/4 inch hardwood. All this work gave me an excuse to use my Craftsman Auto Hammer  – a nifty little birthday gadget that hammers for you, which is really useful in tight spaces like where I was working.

The finished work is obviously a replacement because it doesn’t have  the look of a 117 year-old painted piece of wood. But once we sand and paint the whole thing, I’m hoping it blends in more.

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