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Day ???

October 26, 2011

Hello blog readers….

Here we are at day ???, I’ll leave that up to the main blog poster. I am hijacking the post to let you all know how much my hard working husband has accomplished!!  He might think that he hasn’t done much on the house and thus hasn’t been posting for awhile. Aside from making dinners when I’ve been too tired, to catching mice with brownies (don’t ask), changing diapers (and washing the cloth diapers when I’ve neglected to get them in the wash), folding multiple baskets of laundry, cleaning the bathroom, biking to and from work in the lovely rain we’ve had, taking our son to his webelos camp out, and checking homework assignments, he has accomplished a lot. He’s been a real dad to our kids and awesome husband, and through all that has managed to do the following on the house:

*Cut down our old threshold to fit the new front door- sanded it and primed it- and then installed it.

primed threshold

*Ran around town to 4 different woodworker stores and finally found our corner trim- hauled it home, cut it and installed it to the corner next to our front door

*Cut to fit all the siding and installed and caulked it  to finish off the siding next to our front door

Our front door with siding on both sides!

Our front door with siding on both sides!

*Filled, sanded and primed the two gable dormer eaves and windows

primed eaves and windows

*scraped old paint, sanded and primed our porch window

porch window primed

*filled in nail holes, sanded and primed the main floor bedroom window

beautifully primed window ledge 🙂

*gave  advice on house colors (we still aren’t sure of where all these colors will end up)

house colors

For all those who ask, How’s the house coming along? my reply to you is it’s coming along great, little by little we are finishing our “house”, which according to the dictionary is: A building for human habitation, esp. one that is lived in by a family or small group of people.  It might take us a while but that is ok, because  in the process of finishing our “house” we are creating a “home” : an environment offering security and happiness!

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  1. Christopher permalink

    GREAT JOB MATT!! Good post Colleen. and its day 496 :0)

  2. agape permalink

    It’s looking great! Lots of work, but lots of progress. It looks like its a whole new house!

  3. Paul permalink

    Colleen: That is a great report and post on Matt’s progress with the house PLUS all the other things he does to make your living together complete.

    Matt: I am amazed by what you accomplish. I hope when you finally finish, you can relax for awhile. While we do not have a lot of bedrooms, we do have two beds and a blow up with floor space, and we would love to have you come visit us and get out of the rain for a bit. You are the example that we guys should hold up as the example of how we should function. I am afraid it is too late for me. I am too stuck into my ways to change now.


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