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Day 513 – Beginning the North wall

November 22, 2011

November 13, 2011 – It’s the final frontier – it’s the north wall. The last wall we have to do for siding! We’ve broken this wall up into three segments:

  1. The wall under the porch
  2. The wall above the porch
  3. The kitchen wall, to the right of the porch

The North Wall! (The little bit of brown paint on the window frame is leftover paint test we did prior to the deconstruction last year. The other paint tests from then no longer exist).

The porch itself divides the wall up for us, with it’s support beam separating the exterior and interior parts. This side of the house is already sided with the “original” lap or single siding we found underneath the asbestos shingles. We tackled the under porch section (that’s number one, above, for those keeping score) because in order to get the kitchen segment (that’s number 3) boards lined up, we need to have the middle section (number 2) done first. Oh, and it was raining so it was nicer to be under cover too.

Whereas before we’ve delayed due to needing trim, corner pieces or caulking, soon we’ll need to hold off due to needing more lap siding. We have just twelve pieces left, and even though that’s looking like it’s not enough, I’m amazed we’ve made it this far with it. If we hadn’t of used shingle siding on the dormers, we probably would have run out sooner.

The remaining boards - count 'em - 12!

Now in full disclosure, there are still 1-2 spots we haven’t finished yet on other walls, so it’s not like this is it. But it almost is.

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