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Day 525 – Winter rains bring ground settling

December 4, 2011

December 4, 2011 – This Spring,we undertook “the big dig” when we dug (mostly by hand) to install the outside elements of our plumbing, mainly the sewer line. This is chronicled here as we got final approval on the plumbing. After approval, we filled the pits and planted grass in time for spring rains.

But as with anything one takes apart, when you have parts left over after putting it back together, something is not quite right. Same with dirt – we had a moderate amount of dirt left over after the holes were filled. Only with dirt, it seems to expand when you dig it out and never quite goes back into the hole the same.

Well, now it has. After a summer and a few weeks of winter rains, we’re starting to see settling of the dirt and grass.

Main run in front of the house.

Where line enters house

The clean out in the above photo (black plastic pipe) was completely covered when we buried the line. It’s sunk some 3-4 inches. The cracks are the sides of the pit.

We’re going to let it settle some more over the winter to be sure it’s all done, then in the Spring, we’ll fill in the holes with some of the leftover dirt (or whatever we can scrounge up). If it’s one thing this yard has, it’s dirt.

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