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Day 594 – Checking in

February 11, 2012

February 11, 2011

It’s been awhile since our last update. Budgeting and cold weather have kept our activities limited to largely indoor work. But in there, we’ve been active. Here’s an update, in pictures.

Venting on the first floor -inside:

6" hole drilled for first floor bath fan

Venting on the first floor – outside:

Here's the first floor hole from the outside. Yes, a hole in the nice new siding!

First floor venting complete:

This is a 6" plastic vent. Not my first choice, but really my only choice.

Second floor, from the inside:

Our inspector noticed the 6" to 4" transition. We need to fix that, but the only way to go is up to 7". Are we the only ones facing this problem?

Second floor from the roof:

It's our second floor bath vent from the roof. Due to slope of the roof, there weren't too many options to vent this, but luckily it's not really visible.

You can’t see it from the street!

View of gable/vent from the street.

  1. Sheri permalink

    It’s amazing how much you’ve done. Even when it’s raining, snowing and really cold outside the work has gone on. Inspirational. I see all the results of your hard continual work…. but the photographer rarely gets into the photos, maybe one of the kids can take a photo of one of you, or both of you at work. Painting, drilling, on the ladder, the roof, the basement. Seeing you all in the photos will also be fun to look back on years down the road. Put the kids in a couple too playing in the unfinished rooms where they have set up their toys, legos etc. Did anyone get any photos of you both on the roof in bad weather. It must have been quite a sight.

  2. insector? What is that exactly? 🙂

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