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Day 667 Part Two: The Blood and Guts Thriller

April 23, 2012

Let me start out by saying that aside from sore muscles and the occasional blister or sliver, I have not had ANY accidents on our remodel project.

That is, until today.

I was digging holes for a new gate that will go on the North side of our property, behind the addition. I’ve dug post holes before, so no big deal. I dug one hole, then the other. When done, I set a 4×4, 6′ pressure treated post in each hole to check for correct placement. In order to check that the two posts were level, I grabbed a spare 4×4 pressure treated post, and set it horizontally on top of the two vertical posts along with my level. Thankfully, both were level.

In looking down at one of my post holes, it occurred to me that I needed to dig some additional dirt out from the hole so that the concrete I was hoping to soon pour would be able to go all the way around the hole. I got down on my hands and knees and started to dig, but the horizontal post was in the way. So I began to move it out of the hole. What I forgot was that the 4×4 pressure treated post was still laying horizontally across the top of the two vertical posts. When I began to move the post I was digging around, it caused the horizontal 4×4 to come crashing down on my head.

Ouch. I can’t recall the sound it made when it hit – I’m sure it was a THUD, complete with the circling birdies you always see in the cartoons – but it really, really hurt. You know that reaction you have to hold your head when you hit it accidentally? I did that too, but it didn’t make the pain go away. And when I pulled my hands off my head, they were streaked with blood. Freaky! Never had that happen before. I tried to keep my cool (because, by this time I had an audience of my children) and went inside to grab a towel and some ice to apply to my head, and do what any sane man would do: Call my wife.

The gash in my head was sure a bleeder. My wife was great, and she (and one advice nurse) figured out that a trip to the urgent care clinic was best. There, I was given four staples in the head to help close the nice gash I got from the wood. I get them out in a week. Much thanks to my wife for helping me through this, and not beating me with the 4×4 for making a careless mistake in the first place 🙂

My head gash, much later and much cleaner, with four staples.

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One Comment
  1. what the. staples? I can’t image the pain, not to mention the blow to the head in the first place.

    Hope you didn’t have any concussions and that you’re alright. Be well.

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