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Day 667 – Slate haulin’

April 23, 2012

April 22, 2012

The spring weather has been getting to our brains as of late, and making us think of all there is to do outside on our project. So while we wait yet one more week for our electrical to finish up, we have been slowly getting in gear for outside work.

This past weekend, we carted two carloads of slate from my parents house to ours for what will become our backyard patio. The slate was salvaged from when my parents redid their backyard patio many years ago. Back when they remodeled, they opted for concrete aggregate over the slate, and saved the slate in piles in a corner of their yard. They are moving, so the soon-to-come listing and sale of their house prompted some cleanup, and the slate came home with us.I have no idea how much in square footage we have in slate, but we hope to finish our patio and have some leftover to do a walkway.

The first load of slate

The plan for our backyard patio will have the slate resting in a bed of sand, with some low growing plantings or moss interspersed around the stones. We got our idea from This Old House, who had a writeup on a similar project in their March 2012 online edition. There are some really cool colors in the slate, but they basically fall into either a blue/green or red/purple hue. I hope to post some pictures of the really unique tiles that have both colors swirled on one slate.

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