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Day 685 – Insulation

May 12, 2012

Batts and bundles waiting to be installed in their new home

May 11, 2012 – Today our insulation contractor arrived and installed the batts of insulation for our new addition. More specifically, we were told it was the “bat crew” that was to do our install, so imagine our dismay when two very non-Batman and Robin characters show up, and not even in the Bat mobile either. No capes, no Penguin and no Joker. Oh well, we have insulation now which I am very grateful for.

What’s the first thing we noticed after the crew left? Well, aside from the smell of the insulation (I have a cold, but I’m told it sticks awful) we noticed that it is so quiet in the new parts of the house now. It’s almost like it eats sound. It’s so weird. After nearly two years of an echo chamber – a freezing echo chamber at that too – it was so odd to even have your footsteps not be noisy.

With the batts filling the wall cavities now, it also helps define the space – rooms look more like rooms with walls, and the ceiling has a contour to it as opposed to just open ceiling space.

The product our contractor went with is the “Ecobatt” by Knauff Insulation. We didn’t select it per se, but it’s a non formaldehyde, 61 percent recycled material so it’s what we might have chosen were we given the choice. As I mentioned before, it seems to have an initial odor, but since I can’t smell it I also can verify if it’s dissipated at all after ten hours of being up. It’s made from sand – weird, yes – and has a darker hue then the pink insulation we’ve hung many times in the past.

First floor with insulation (note the marble slabs on the floor are not included with installation)

We were initially planning on doing a polar blanket-type insulation (and here) which is basically a thin closed cell foam layer mated with a layer of loose fill fiberglass to make a airtight, highly efficient barrier. But cost is what drove us to go with the batts ultimately. We had some overruns elsewhere, and figured we would be better off putting our money into things we could actually see, because at the end of the day, most of our 117 year old house doesn’t have any insulation anyways.

With that done, we are still working on some of the outside elements. We need to bring the inspector back to approve the insulation, then we get get our sheer wall up in the bathroom areas and finalize our bid with the Sheetrock crew. Could we be done by July? Maybe?!?

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