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Day 695 – We’re being floored!

May 22, 2012

May 22, 2012-

The flooring of our new addition began this week. We are working with a flooring contractor we know, who is matching our existing wood floors (which are under carpet – more on that later) with the corresponding new parts of our house. For example, our main floor is white oak so the first floor of the new addition will match. The second floor is fir, so we are replicating that upstairs too.

When the new flooring is down, the fun begins because we then get to…..move out of our house! Yes, in early June we have to move EVERYTHING out so that we can rip up the carpet and refinish our existing floors. When it’s all said and done, it will all be sanded with a natural clear coat and hopefully look really cool.

We have a POD coming next week to help with furniture storage, and a few inspections to go before we are at the finishing stage with the floor (insulation and shearwall). oh yeah, drywall has to go up before then too.

It’s going to be a crazy, crazy, crazy next few weeks as we race to the finish. Some pictures to entertain:

Pre-floor install:

White oak awaiting install

Fir flooring wood. The plastic sheeting goes underneath it all

After day one on install:

Upstairs fir flooring in the new hallway

Weave of old and new floor

Upstairs new fir flooring, unfinished


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