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Day 704 – We’re PODS people

May 31, 2012

May 30, 2012 – The day of reckoning has arrived! Okay, it’s more of five days of reckoning which really is the period of time we have to get our WHOLE HOUSE packed up and moved out so that our floors can be refinished. We have wood floors under the carpet of our house, and as part of our ongoing (but nearly done) addition, we are having our floors sanded and sealed. Then, these “old” floors will match the “new” floors we’ve placed in the new space.

The 16ft long temporary home of our stuff

The POD arrived a few days ago, and we’ve been busy packing it up.

Our boxes…a few of them…

In addition to the packing, we have a myriad of last minute things to do to prepare for sheetrocking. The sheetrockers will come in after the floor goes in, but there is urgency in getting things done now so we can pack up the bathrooms (where we’ve hung the sheer wall) and the stairwell.

Drilling holes for the sheer wall for pipes in the bathroom

Sheer wall going up

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