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Cool stuff under the floors

June 7, 2012

When you have an old house that you’re doing work on (I guess that goes without saying) people always seem to ask, “Have you found any hidden money in the walls?” Our answer has always been ‘no’ and still is – but we’ve found some cool treasures of history.

We know the city says our house was built in 1894, and though some deductive reasoning, we’ve found that the upstairs attic areas wasn’t made into bedrooms initially. We also know that 3/4 of our house has fir floors which is typical of homes in the era, but that the main floor and the landing on the stairs had oak. Under the oak, however, is fir – so we know that at some point they floored over the fir with oak.

Our flooring guy found a newspaper clipping while removing some of the fir on the stairs which has given us a glimpse of the possible date. These are from the Oregon Journal, a now defunct Oregon newspaper.

Oregon Journal masthead

oregon journal 1905

Clipping from 1905

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  1. George permalink

    Grandma would be proud!

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