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Day 711 – Flooring update

June 7, 2012

June 7, 2012 – Flooring has been underway for nearly five days now. And let’s just say that those five days have yielded some amazing looking floors! This is after much sanding, and only one coat of polyurethane. Our floor guy estimated the fir flooring to be well over 100 years old, and the oak to be about 80-90 years old. And they gave it lots of compliments too for being in such great shape in a 118 year old house!

Boy’s bedroom floors with sun streaming in

Girl’s bedroom floor

Oak floors on main floor

This is just a cool picture 🙂

But prior to the floor beautification, it was the floor “uglification” – quite literally. To have our floors redone, we needed to rip out all the carpet in our house. And to rip out all the carpet, we had to move out. Those are two very big endeavors! The picture doesn’t do it justice, but the floors were LITTERED with nails and staples we had to rip up by hand. Thousands and thousands of those little buggers!

Ripping up our carpet

Flooring should finish up in the next few days, with some final work on the stairs next. But first, we had to strip the stairs of nails – and paint! Using the stripper was not fun, but it went fast. We used the chemical variety (which was toxic and nasty) but the experience was short lived.

Stairs, minus carpet, being stripped of staples and nails by us. Next step was the stripping of the paint. Underneath, we are told there are some wonderful fir boards, which we’ll get to see in a few days.

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