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Day 717 – Rockin’ the House – Day one

June 13, 2012

June 13, 2012 – We’re exhausted after burning the midnight oil in preparation of the arrival today of our sheet rock crew. We haven’t slept much, but by sitting here now and typing this, it’s proof we accomplished our mission of fixing, prepping, building and verifying all that needed to be done prior to the walls of our addition being sealed. What can four hands (and four paws, counting the dog) accomplish in ten hours?

  • Drill, hang and install structured networking for phone and ethernet
  • Run Cat 5 and Cat 6 cabling
  • Design and build two between the stud shelving systems
  • Wire over 10 outlets, 15 lights and half-dozen switches
  • Install additional 2×4 bracing for sheet rock in ceiling
  • Cut all remaining window and door  shims
  • Insulate pocket door casing
  • Insulate in-stud shelving
  • Spray foam gaps in wall cavities missed by insulation crew
  • Sweep, swiffer and repeat

Whew! Like I said, we are collectively exhausted and operating on little sleep. But luckily, our sheet rock crew seeming was not, and arrived this morning to begin day one of sheet rock. (The sheet rock crew got here art 9:30 AM which, although still decently in the morning timeframe, seems inexcusably late when you have been up since 6:30 AM the preceding day!)

We were told they were to protect our wood floors, which as faithful readers will recall, were just sanded the previous week. It’s hard to tell how much damage the floors have sustained, since they first covered everything with brown Kraft paper, but I’ve cringed countless times as I’ve heard tools fall to the floor and sheet rock been dropped and imagined all the new “bruises” our new and new/old floors will sustain. I’m particularly worried about the stair railings, as our tiny stairs are not conducive size-wise to allowing large ANYTHING going up – mattresses, furniture, plywood, let alone sheet rock.

I’m impressed at how much they got accomplished, because if I was doing it, I’d still be fussing with the math on the perfect spot to put the first piece. Still ,being impressed, I noticed some concerns:

  1. Our rooms got smaller. Okay, not really a concern, it’s just interesting how sheet rock makes a room feel smaller (or maybe they are small…)
  2. RC channel, or resilient channel was installed in the first floor ceiling. This is for controlling sound transfer. It was to only be in the bedroom portion, but it seems they installed it everywhere. Not bad, right? Yes, but it threw off the depth of our electrical boxes which we anticipated just .5″ of sheet rock for, ar enow submerged by an additional .5″ resulting from the RC channel.
  3. We asked for DensArmor in the bath areas, but on the ceiling in the first floor they seem to be installing regular sheet rock. Not sue if this is a problem, but it’s a concern.

Here is a look at day one:

First floor bedroom


Bedroom, the other way

Stairs, partially rocked


Bathroom ceiling

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    Don’t forget about un-wiring the 10 outlets, 15 lights and switches!

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