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Day 1111 – Painting a tub and finishing a bathroom

July 12, 2013

July 12, 2013 –

A bit of time as has past , 227 days to be exact, since we last posted and although work has slowed as life has picked up, we are still making progress. All it takes is money and time, time and money 🙂 And perhaps the fact that we actually have some sort of time restrictions on our permit that urged us on to get a bit more accomplished. With our permit expiring at the end of the month, we decided it was time to finish up the plumbing. By having an inspection it extends the permit expiration date.

Our bathtub in pre-painting session

Our bathtub in pre-painting session

Last year we found a great deal on a clawfoot tub for our upstairs kids bath, and we even managed to get it upstairs too with no injuries! (It’s amazing all the uses for cardboard there are – like protecting 118 year old stairs from a tub being pushed up them). Those cast iron tubs are heavy, but it’s been sitting upstairs along with all our plumbing parts for a few months now just waiting for the next step in finishing the bathroom – painting the tub.

Although the tub was new, it was a great deal, so that meant the outside of the tub wasn’t the most beautiful thing. It was a factory second, or perhaps just had a rough life in the showroom, but at any rate we really wanted it to complement our color title choices we used in the upstairs bath. Because of that, we decided to paint the outside of the tub. We’ve seen some painted tubs, and never done one before, so like most everything else in our remodeling project it would be an opportunity for learning. We chose a color that complemented our title – a nice shade of blue, which we would administer by spray can.

I "blued" my feet with the spray paint on accident. Next time, wear paints and socks at least!

I “blue my feet” with the spray paint on accident. Next time, I’ll wear pants and socks at least!

Being that the tub was several hundred pounds, it wasn’t going to be moved out of the bathroom for painting. So the best we could do was mask off the bathroom with sheets of plastic to cover the tile on the walls and floor. (Being that we haven’t installed any fixtures or painted the room yet, this was rather easy). Next step was a light sanding of the tub, followed by a cleaning. There was a pesky bit of packing tape on the tub which with some persuasion came off.

Applying our lovely shade of blue was the last step. Because of the warm weather we’ve been having and also the high humidity, we had small window of time in the morning to paint. The spray went on the tub very easily with no drips – just like the commercials. One coat, followed up by a second coat a little bit later. The one part that wasn’t like the commercials is when a but of the plastic covering the floor got moved during the spray application and a mist of the blue paint drifted over and colored the floor. It’s roughly in the outline of the box for the toilet which was sitting there.

We are still working on cleaning the stray paint from the floor, but the tub is now installed along with the other fixtures (that have been hiding in boxes or bedrooms for close to three years now). Just in time for our inspection! And as a bonus, you can even see the paint samples for the bathroom in the pictures below (we’re going with the light blue green that is directly above the toilet).  And yes, we did get our inspector to come out and approve “with corrections”(that’s another post) our plumbing…so we have another 6 months! 🙂


Our completed bathroom!


We liked these faucets because they look like a water pump!

Our tub spout and hand shower - it almost takes a manual to use!

Our tub spout and hand shower – it almost takes a manual to use!

The vanities - small size for a small room.

The vanities – small size for a small room.

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  1. grandma permalink

    The bathroom is beautiful! Not mentioned: the kids turn on the water and put their little toys into the faucet and it’s like a miniature water park slide- lots of fun! (I heard this second hand- but I look forward playing with the faucet too) Grandma.

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